Menswear Choice for Movember – The Artful Gentleman

By Kaye Cloutman
Photography by Pierre Gussman

Recently GEV Magazine had the pleasure of attending a posh event at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Dapperly dressed men and sharp, stylish women alike celebrated the month of Movember to raise awareness of prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives. The Speakeasy-inspired venue perfectly complemented the event’s theme; plus it’s always a treat to be in the company of fashion-forward attendees who dressed to the nines with their glammed, stylish menswear that varied from circa 1930’s to present. Wildcat! Wildcat! provided us with musical renderings which definitely kept the party level up ‘til the wee hours of the morning. We at GEV Magazine are always on the lookout for great new local designers, and that evening we were truly impressed with the Artful Gentleman for the superior quality and style of their suits; the overall fit and the choices of fabric demonstrated a sartorial elegance that really set them a step above the others.