Lavazza Coffee Santana Row, The Sweet Aroma Of Home

By Carmela Solon
Photography by Matthew Brandalise

New York City is one place I know where I can always get good coffee, better than anything I can get in California ~ fortunately for me, I travel there frequently and I could even say that some unique spots in SOHO & Brooklyn are dear to my heart just because of my coffee-centric lifestyle. One of my favorites of course is Lavazza Coffee shop. It’s always hard to come home after visiting this charming spot, but the bay area is my home, and I’m no stranger to our local coffee shops and cafes; still there was not one place which passed my NYC coffee test until now. Alas, I don’t need to wait for my next trip to indulge in my favorite cup of Lavazza espresso crema with hazelnut. I can finally enjoy my favorite cup of espresso — and I’m home!

I was thrilled to attend the grand opening of Lavazza coffee “Espression” shop in Santana Row with Kaye Cloutman & Mathew Brandalise Nov 17th. I told Kaye, “do you even know how much I love Lavazza coffee? I have been drinking that coffee for a long time. My cousin from NYC would bring me a pound of Qualita Oro and a pound of espresso coffee. I always looked forward going to New York and visiting Lavazza coffee shop to take a shot or two of best espresso in the world! It didn’t get any better than that!” A Lavazza coffee shop now resides in the heart of Silicon Valley at Santana Row, the hippest place to shop, dine, and now to drink coffee too. The Lavazza Café is a really neat-looking place. Staged with red & white furniture, it’s got the classy look of a genuine espresso bar. However, all of this makes the place look much less like a coffee shop, and much more like posh dessert restaurant.

Coffee to me is like a concoction – like a little girl wants her candy, I yearn for my coffee. Coffee is richness and expectation, challenge and consolation; and sometimes trust and comfort. Because of the underlying bitterness it places on our tongues and in our throats, it is a reminder of life’s sharpness. But it redefines that sharpness as excitement — part of a mix that begins in  sweetness and is finally satisfying and complex.

Well, for all you Bay Area coffee snobs out there who thirst for an authentic cup of cappuccino, it’s now right in our back yard. No more suffering an over-rated, big chain coffee place that pours a fancy “latte” from a flavored syrup bottle.  When we talk about Lavazza, we are talking about quality; quality that has been built up over a century of experience. Their mission, after all, is to continually engage in the endless pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, and they refuse to rest until they’ve had their part in creating it. The owners, before opening Streets traveled all over the world visiting coffee shops in cities like London, New York City, Tokyo, and Istanbul to bring “the best of the best” to their coffee shop. Luigi Lavazza invented the concept of blending different kind coffees from different origins to obtain the best, tastiest product of rich aroma since the early 1900s. The dedication of their employees and the use of innovative technology keeps Lavazza making some of the best coffee in the world.

The opening night was also to benefit Silicon Valley’s United Way program to support literacy in East San Jose. Ten percent of the earnings from opening night were donated to the program. It was a great turnout and was an even nicer surprise to bump into my friend from high school days. Lavazza Espression is definitely a great place to meet friends and family for a delightful cup of espresso.

Visit them!

Lavazza Espression
300 Santana Row, Suite 110,
San Jose, CA 95128

Hours: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
Sun.-Thurs.; 6 a.m. to midnight,
Fri. and Sat.

Lavazza Espression Santana Row

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