Mugaritz: The Temple of Culinary Aristocracy

Images by VCrown Photography

Andoni Aduriz, a pioneer in culinary aesthetics, is the intellect behind Mugaritz. Aduriz is a cult figure among Europe´s elite avant-garde Chefs and at Mugaritz he has created culinary poetry for 21st century sybarites.  Here’s a photo documentary shot inside Mugaritz, truly a Gastronomical Paideia.


Country: Spain
Address: Caserio Otzazulueta, 20, 20100 Errenteria, Spain

Phone: (+34) 943518343


VCrown is a photographer specializing in Lifestyle Photography traveling between Palo Alto, CA, USA, and Spain. When shooting, he looks for a certain presence and appeal; moments of intensity and passion in the subject’s gesture. He loves capturing personalities on film and has a fondness for food and fashion. His extensive world travelling paved the way for him to pick up his camera and augment his professional eye for photography. Visit his blog