Hot off the digital press! GEV Magazine Issue 7.0

GEV Magazine Issue 7.0

GEV Magazine Issue 7.0

By Gastronomique En Vogue Magazine

160 pages, published 3/20/2013

The hope we send to you this season is coming in the form of this our latest issue of GEV Magazine, replete with fresh spring ideas, recipes, imagery, interviews, and our unique blend of Food and Fashion.
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On The Cover:
San Francisco’s Premiere Haute Couture Designer Colleen Quen showcase her celebrated creations at the Hotel Diva, Union Square San Francisco
Photography by Vincent Gotti, Makeup by Carla Tersini and Hair by Josette Vigil-Jelveh

Spring is finally in the air here at GEV Magazine!

Here in the states, there is an old tradition called “Groundhog day” which takes place every February 2. As legend has it, if the groundhog sees his shadow, the winter will be 6 weeks longer. This year, the groundhog, who goes by the name “Phil”, did not see his shadow. Yay! However, it appears the legend hasn’t held true for all of our readers, some of whom are still mired in the doldrums of winter. To those of you who long for the blossoms, blessings and renewal of springtime, we send our heartfelt sympathies, and along with them, some hope – which, after all, springs eternal.

The hope we send to you this season is coming in the form of this our latest issue of GEV Magazine, replete with fresh spring ideas, recipes, imagery, interviews, and our unique blend of Food and Fashion. We start with Colleen Quen, San Francisco’s Premiere Haute Couture designer. We have been awakened by her aura and genius and are privileged to present some of her most remarkably celebrated creations in this issue. London fashion this spring is also about to get a huge boost! Tom Ford, who has actively wowed us with phenomenal style and mastery in his design tell us why he may soon make Britain his home. Yvonne Lembi-Detert, fab diva and CEO extraordinaire of Personality Hotels, shares with us her thoughts on business, motherhood and lasting relationships. She graciously opened the doors to one of her posh hotels in the city for our main fashion editorial and we’ve been longing to go back since.

On the food scene, Nigella Lawson – food maven and best-selling author shows us why Italian cuisine and culture has inspired her through the years. We were truly smitten with her adorable persona and now see ourselves trying out different recipes from her newly released book Nigellissima every single day if only to relive the priceless encounter we experienced with her. We’re excited about Sacramento too – Enotria Wine Bar which has offered critically acclaiming cuisine in Sacramento has added on Anani Lawson who brings his experience and knowledge gained in the country’s top rated restaurants to their winning team and a Michelin star may be on the horizon. With Pajo Bruich’s expert know-how and gift in constructing life-changing dishes, their team will definitely be hard to beat.

We also welcome three outstanding contributors who will wow you with their fashion editorial submissions; from the mystic oriental fields of the Philippines and idealistic cinema-like setting of Portugal to the fresh and beautiful all-American suburban Sacramento – our fashion section is bursting with astonishing flavors. Included here is Desigual San Francisco’s spring line, highlighting Christian Lacroix’s fun and stimulating pieces. Our models had such an enjoyable experience on this photo shoot because it was inspired by the battle cry “La Vida es Chula” (Life is cool). I’ve barely scratched the surface of the contents of this issue but suffice it to say you should prepare to really be blown away. After all, it has been a busy winter and what better way to send that season packing than to usher in spring in style!


Kaye Cloutman

To Err is Human –

Location for the main fashion editorial on page 29 is Hotel Diva, Union Square San Francisco

Styling and wardrobe provided by Christopher Florendo on page 136, assisted by Prince Kaleo