Max Mara Bridal Collection

Images by VCrown Photography

Spring has sprung! And if you’re a hopeless romantic like us who revel in dreamy garden weddings bedecked in lovely bouquets of  flowers and charming tables with vintage rustic centerpieces, you’ll see how the photos below only increases our desire and frenzy. In our books, the wedding season has officially begun! Check out the enticing images of the Max Mara’s classic collection below.

VCrown is a photographer specializing in Lifestyle Photography traveling between Palo Alto, CA, USA, and Spain. When shooting, he looks for a certain presence and appeal; moments of intensity and passion in the subject’s gesture. He loves capturing personalities on film and has a fondness for food and fashion. His extensive world travelling paved the way for him to pick up his camera and augment his professional eye for photography. Visit his blog