Travel to the Origins of Fondillon

Images by VCrown Photography

What do William Shakespeare, Alexander Dumas, Emilio Salgari, Fiódor Dostoyevski, Daniel Defoe and Philip II all have in common? Their acute and judgmental palates have all been won over by Fondillon wine.

A special blend of wine produced in Alicante, Fondillon is fashioned in an oxidized style from the best overripe Monastrell grapes which are unfortified, naturally sweet and give it a certain distinct reddish color. Fondillon is typically bottled after an extended period of time (minimum of 10 years). It is superb and best to pair with blue cheese or chocolates. Experience an intoxicating and beautiful visual tour here.
VCrown is a photographer specializing in Lifestyle Photography traveling between Palo Alto, CA, USA, and Spain. When shooting, he looks for a certain presence and appeal; moments of intensity and passion in the subject’s gesture. He loves capturing personalities on film and has a fondness for food and fashion. His extensive world travelling paved the way for him to pick up his camera and augment his professional eye for photography. Visit his blog