Modewalk Opens its First By-Appointment Showroom in San Francisco

Images courtesy of Drew Altizer Photography

ModeWalk, the critically acclaimed luxury e-tailer which features the forefront of European luxury fashion, opened the doors to Boudoir, a first-of-its-kind, by-appointment showroom in San Francisco, last month.

ModeWalk is differentiated from other e-tailers by the care taken in their brand curation: great attention is paid to craftsmanship, the personality and style of a designer, the history of a brand, and the quality of each product.

ModeWalk’s main goal is to provide clients with exceptional products from exceptional designers that are rarely available elsewhere. The opening of Boudoir allows ModeWalk to further elevate their core values of quality and personal attention, in the one-on-one service provided to their clients, whether they shop online at or at Boudoir.

Designed as part Parisian salon part modern style lab by San Francisco interior designer Rachelle Sessions, Boudoir will allow ModeWalk’s clients to meet with an in-house or external personal stylist in a private environment, of which every aspect has been specifically designed to create the most intimate, comfortable styling experience available to this day.

With the opening of Boudoir, ModeWalk will simultaneously offer the convenience and access of an e-tailer and the bespoke personal service traditionally exclusive to brick-and-mortar retailers, making ModeWalk the most personal fashion shopping experience both online and offline. ModeWalk is slated to unveil Boudoir, Paris in the summer of 2013.

Pictures from their Spring Fashion Show Luncheon

A bit about Boudoir:

  • Clients may enjoy complimentary access by appointment to a ModeWalk Stylist, or bring their own wardrobe consultant to a completely private environment fitted out in the Parisian style in the heart of San Francisco.
  • No rush, no hassle, and no one else. Our clients are guaranteed exclusive access to the entire space over the course of their appointment.
  • We will not limit their time or rush them out. ModeWalk schedules appointments in advance, allowing clients as much flexibility as possible.
  • Clients may personally reserve their favorite pieces from, or have their ModeWalk Stylists pre-select on their behalf, then try them on in person at Boudoir and enjoy complimentary fitting services, resulting in an efficient, hassle-free experience.
  • The ModeWalk Stylist may create a personal style profile for each client through an appointment at Boudoir. The style profile allows for the client to be best served as she shops, both online and offline, with the peace of mind that her ModeWalk Stylist will always ensure a proper fit and take personal care of her individual needs.
  • There are no commitments made when scheduling an appointment. ModeWalk has no minimum purchase requirement, nor does it charge a fee for consultations with in-house ModeWalk Stylists.

Visit them at Boudoir
391 Sutter Street #702, San Francisco, CA 

Personal appointments are available Monday through Saturday at boudoir-­‐ or 1 800 539 2340. Sundays and Holidays by request.