Berlin’s Burgermeister

By Jay Huffman

Under the Schliesses Tor U Bahn station sits an old outhouse turned burger joint. The exterior stayed the same but the ladies and gentleman rooms took on new roles, as a kitchen and standing room. Don’t be scared away, the place is full of history just like it’s surrounding city.

It reminds me of an old fashioned American burger with a little German sauce. Maybe it’s the hip-hop that is always coming through their speakers. But really, it is because they keep it basic, 100% beef patties with the usual fix-ins, spiced up a bit and cooked medium. They also offer BBQ and Chili Cheese additions and is one of the few places offering cheddar cheese, which is near impossible to find in grocery stores. To Berliners, it’s “the best burger in town” and after coming back as well as salivating every time I walk by, I can’t argue with my body anymore that I feel any different.

Get some pommes with your burger and try one of their homemade sauces for dipping, like their mango-curry soße.

Visit them!

Oberbaumstraße 8
+49 30 26348764

A San Diego native, Jay spent the last eight years cultivating his affinity for fine food and tech-haus music in San Francisco. After a brief stint writing for a creative audio storytelling agency in Portland, he jumped across the pond to delve deeper into the minimalistic music scene and gritty foodie culture of Berlin; he promises to avoid jokes about traditional German dishes (they’re the wurst). Follow him on twitter @JayHuffmanLIVE