Club Mate and A Trip to Space

By Jay Huffman

Known as the computer hacker’s drink for its strong dose of natural energy, Club Mate will keep you alert during the day and up all night. It’s high in caffeine and low in sugar content, differing it from other energy drinks such as Red Bull.  It is made in Germany, but mate extract beverages are native to South America. Add some vodka or order both as a drink at a bar. It feels good, tastes interesting (from an American’s perspective) and gives you arch angel wings.

Pair this with a trip to Spacehall, one of Berlin’s many record shops, for a pleasant afternoon gathering music. Take your findings to one of the listening stations, provided with a record player, DJ mixer and headphones. Everyone comes with a beverage, beer mostly, and a pack of their favorite cigarette brand. Hanging out at the record store for hours is somewhat a normal way to spend a few hours of your day.

Anyways, you can find Club Mate everywhere. It has loads of free advertisement (like this one) because you will see it in the hands of just about anyone.

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A San Diego native, Jay spent the last eight years cultivating his affinity for fine food and tech-haus music in San Francisco. After a brief stint writing for a creative audio storytelling agency in Portland, he jumped across the pond to delve deeper into the minimalistic music scene and gritty foodie culture of Berlin; he promises to avoid jokes about traditional German dishes (they’re the wurst). Follow him on twitter @JayHuffmanLIVE