Osso Steakhouse Grand Opening at Nob Hill

Gios Denes, Fernando Reynoso, Rene Ramirez, Carlo Sanchez, Damyn Huitzil

Images by Drew Altizer Photography

Osso Steakhouse, a new venture from Jerry and Jennifer Dal Bozzo in partnership with Dante Serafini, aims to become a new favorite with San Francisco foodies and steak lovers especially.

The restaurant offers a diverse à la carte menu featuring the highest quality of 4-­6 week dry-­aged tender prime beef with bone-­in (osso) steaks, along with specialty offerings like Hot Iron Skillet Dungeness Crab. Great pride is taken in the extensive wine list.

Jerry Dal Bozzo, Jennifer Dal Bozzo

The Dal Bozzos and Serafini are the same group behind other San Francisco favorites like The Franciscan Crab Restaurant, The Stinking Rose, Calzone’s Pizza Cucina, and the recently revamped The Old Clam House.

Jerry and Dante have experience when it comes to great steak. “My introduction to dry-­aged steaks was the inspiration for the first steakhouse endeavor, Bobo’s,” stated Jerry Dal Bozzo. “Now it’s time for us to grow while continuing to redefine steak standards in San Francisco. We intend to do this at Osso Steakhouse.” Boboquivari’s, better known as Bobo’s, was co-­owned by Dal Bozzo, Serafini and Andrea Froncillo and listed as one of the top ten steakhouses in America by USA Today in 2012, alongside restaurants by chefs Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck.

Jerry Dal Bozzo, Willie BRown, Melissa Fairborther, Marc Corsi

Jennifer Dal Bozzo, Willie Brown, Sonya Molodetskaya

Benjamin Flajnik, Dante Serafini, Andrew Dombrowski

The restaurant’s Art Deco inspired design developed by Jennifer Dal Bozzo provides an elegant yet relaxed ambiance in which to enjoy a sumptuous steak, or other tempting menu item. Osso Steakhouse sits at the base of the residential landmark building, Gramercy Towers, located in Nob Hill.

“The design is based on classical elements that aspire to the beauty of the surrounding architecture. It was a very fun project,” said Jennifer Dal Bozzo. “We hope to provide another option for people who enjoy dining in one of San Francisco’s most quintessential neighborhoods.”

Osso Steakhouse is open everyday for dinner only, from 5-­10pm.

Valet Parking available for $10.

Osso Steakhouse

1177 California St.
(between Jones St & Taylor St)
San Francisco, CA 94108

Neighborhood: Nob Hill

For reservations: Call 415.­771.6776

Visit their Website: ossosteakhouse.com