Be Drawn to the Charming Mystery of Dark Matter Wines

Dark Matter Wines

By Kaye Cloutman
Photography by Vincent Gotti

To many folks, the name Mondavi denotes classic wine country royalty and a nostalgic legacy which I feel could never be duplicated in a million years. But recently the stars must have aligned differently because all of a sudden a hip, modern image now associates itself with the venerated surname and now the younger generation will set the valley ablaze with this new bottle.

Dark Matter Wines – this mysteriously enchanting Zinfandel is my new favorite bottle. Its complex and bewitching blend is not only voluptuous but sipping on it, I must have been captured by its invisible gravitational force. There was also something quite intriguing about the nose and the wonderful evolving flavors of the wine I couldn’t really figure out but I will leave it at that – sometimes you just have to savor such uniquely inexplicable experiences.

When asked about the story behind the name, Angelina Mondavi explains “Dark Matter for us is the opportunity for my sisters and I to kind of bend around instead of just following the family path. We wanna actually do something on our own and show people that we love the business and that we also know what we’re talking about” and I would certainly have to agree; theirs is not your typical concoction, it’s got all the great components of a zin with the strong but gentle statement of a cab-franc. In this brave new world of the 21st century we’re learning a lot about Dark Matter and the next generation of Mondavi family is leading the way where no Mondavi has gone before.

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Alycia and Angelina Mondavi of Dark Matter Wines exchange pleasantries with Kaye Cloutman, EIC of GEV Magazine and Bay Area fashion designer Roenna Del Rosario at the Wine Spectator Restaurant, CIA Greystone St. Helena


The 2007 Dark Matter Zinfandel displays a complex nose of black pepper, plum, blackberry, dark chocolate and cedar. On the palate, concentrated flavors of black cherry, dried plum, black pepper spice and cedar create this medium to full bodied wine with a balanced finish


After years of hard work and planning, we are thrilled to introduce you to joint venture, Dark Matter Wines. In conceiving Dark Matter Wines, we took inspiration from Classic European wine families where values and craftsmanship are passed down through generations. Like them, we based our business on the foundation of family tradition.

Our great grandparents, Cesare and Rosa Mondavi, purchased Charles Krug shortly after the end of prohibition. Together, they helped spearhead the renaissance of the California wine industry. Our grandparents, Peter Sr. and Blanche, took over operations in 1966. Our grandpa went on to introduce revolutionary winemaking techniques commonly used today, including cold fermentation, cold sterile filtration, and aging wine in small French oak barrels. At 97, he still works closely with our father, Marc, and uncle Peter Jr., to share the responsibility for continuing the legacy of Charles Krug.

We spent our childhood preparing to be the fourth generation, honing our ambitions, and mastering the significance of hand-crafted wines. Our mission is to create wines with the same passion and devotion as the generations before us.

We would like to thank Jayson Woodbridge, our mentor and inspiration; our mother, Janice, who has been an exceptional mediator and our backbone; our father, Marc, who provided us with invaluable wine knowledge and tolerated the “house of little women.”

Thanks to your support and guidance, our dream is now a reality.


Angelina, Alycia, Riana and Giovanna