Three New Dads with Three New Recipes for Father’s Day

Images by Tubay Yabut Photography

Have you made plans for dear ol’ dad this weekend yet?  With Father’s Day quickly approaching, we want to share three inspired recipes from three chefs at Carneros Inn who also happen to be proud new dads to three little girls. Each chef shares their favorite Father’s Day dish (below), perfect for busy families looking for a unique, delectable Father’s Day experience.

Carneros Inn Executive Sous Chef Aaron Meneghelli’s Crab and Toasted Curry Cake is a delightful twist on the traditional recipe, incorporating exotic spice and tangy green apples for a truly scrumptious meal.  Boon Fly Café Chef de Cuisine Cody Williams’ Boon Fly House Brined Pork Chops with Applesauce and Citrus-Fennel Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil will delight dad’s palette with a combination of sweet and savory flavors, sure to become a requested dish for Father’s Day celebrations to come. And, who can resist Executive Chef Steven Tevere’s PlumpJack Merlot and Chocolate Crema dessert? A rich fusion of red wine and bittersweet chocolate chilled with a garnish of whip cream.

Executive Sous Chef – Aaron Meneghelli  

Crab and Toasted Curry Cake
  • 4 lbs Dungeness Crab
  • 1 C Fresh Squeeze Lemon Juice
  • 1 C Sour Cream
  • 1 C Mayonnaise
  • ¼ C and 1 tbl Toasted Curry
  • 1 C Small Dice Green Apple
  • ¼ C Small Dice Chives
  • ½ C Panko and More for dusting
  • Salt and Fresh Black Pepper to Taste
  1. Pick over crab for shell fragments and squeeze excess water from crab.
  2. Lightly toast curry on the stove top in a non stick pan to release essential oils and intensify aroma profiles.
  3. Mix all ingredients and work gently to combine. (Refrigerate for 1 hour).
  4. Form 1 ½ oz patties and lightly coat in panko.
  5. Heat grapeseed oil in a non stick skillet over medium high heat. Cook crab cake 2 minutes per side. Remove and plate.

Boon Fly Café Chef de Cuisine – Cody Williams

 Boon Fly House Brined Pork Chops with Applesauce and Citrus-Fennel Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 4 ea.  10 oz. Pork Chops
  • ½ qt. Brine or enough to cover chops
  • 16oz. Applesauce
  • ¼ to ½ cup of Citrus-Fennel infused olive oil
  1. Prepare brine per recipe and cool in ice bath.
  2. In a shallow pan, place pork chops and cover with brine.  Allow 12-24 hours in brine depending on the thickness of the pork chop.  Remove from brine, rinse and pat dry.
  3. Prepare applesauce per recipe.
  4. Over medium fire (barbecue), grill pork chops 7-8 minutes per side.  This can be accomplished as well in a sauté pan on top of the stove over medium heat.  Add 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil before sauté.  Be careful that the fire is not too hot or the honey will burn.
To plate, place the pork chop at the center of the plate and spoon warm applesauce along side.  Place 1 tablespoon of infused olive oil over pork chop and accompany with a seasonal vegetable like chard or spinach. Serves four.
Boon Fly Pork Chop Brine
  • 2 qts. Water
  • 2 qts  Apple Juice
  • 1 C Salt
  • ¾ C  Honey
  • 2 T Dijon
  • 1 sprig   Rosemary
  • ½ bunch Thyme
  • 1 t  Red pepper flake
  1. Bring water to boil and add salt.
  2. When salt is fully dissolved, remove from heat and add remaining ingredients.
  3. Cool completely before adding Pork or other protein to brine.
  4. Brine Pork Chops overnight – remove and rinse completely under cold water.
  5. Pat dry with clean towel and refrigerate for service.

Executive Chef – Steven Tevere

PlumpJack Merlot and Chocolate Crema dessert
  • 1½ cup of PlumpJack Merlot
  • ½ cup and ¼ cup of sugar
  • 12oz. of bittersweet chocolate (chop fine)
  • 6oz. unsweetened chocolate (chop fine)
  • 8 egg yolks
  • 1½ cup of milk
  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • 2 tbsp. unsalted butter
  1. Combine red wine and ½ cup of sugar, boil and reduce by 2/3.
  2. Heat chocolates together over a double broiler.  Once melted, add wine and yolks and combine completely.
  3. Combine milk, cream and ¼ cup of sugar.  Scald mixture and combine with chocolate.  Whisk in butter.
  4. Pour into wine glasses and chill to set.
  5. Garnish with a dollop of whip cream.

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