Winestock, Celebrating Passion For Wine, Food and Life!

Winestock San Francisco‘s vision is to bring together winemakers, local food artisans, and foodies alike to experience the adventure, enthusiasm and excitement that embody the wine community’s spirit!

Learn, sip and be inspired by Master of Wine Liz Thach and get to meet California’s other rockstar winemakers – Sara Fowler of  Peju, Erik Miller of Kokomo, Steve Sterling of Esterlina, Jamie Kutch of Kutch Wines, Russell Joyce of Joyce Vineyards, Ryan Cochrane of  Ryan Cochrane Wines, Chris Christensen of Bodkins, AQ Wine Director Kristen Capella and Wine Educator Pablo Antinao-Alvarez. They will be conducting seminars and wine talks during the event.

When:  July 20th and 21st noon to 6 pm at Firehouse 8, 1648 Pacific Ave.  San Francisco.

(Clockwise) Master of Wine Dr. Liz Thach. She will conduct Master Classes and discuss Contemporary California wines. Liz will also speak about the wine industry’s evolution from the 70's til today. Wine Educator Stephen Sterling, VP of Marketing and Sales of Esterlina Vineyards grew up participating in various family farming ventures, he will share his experience about mixing business and agriculture and how to grow it into a remarkable career. Lastly Winemaker Sara Fowler of Peju Wines will discuss a more in-depth look into Biodynamic and Organic wines.

Winestock SF's rockstar winos - (clockwise) Erik Miller (Kokomo Winery), Ryan Cochrane (Ryan Cochrane Wines), Jamie Kutch (Kutch Wines), Russell Joyce (Joyce Vineyards) and Kristen Capella (Wine director of AQ restaurant).

Savor food and life at WINESTOCK SF!

July 20th and 21st noon to 6 pm at Firehouse 8, 1648 Pacific Ave.  San Francisco.

Chef Neftali Galindo Herrera and Chef Angelo Basso of APOLON WEST will curate a 3 course food and wine pairing tasting  menu which will open up and delight your senses.  Both  highly  skilled with  great passion and drive, they aim to transform this tasting experience into a memorable one!

Participating  Wineries and Food Artisans:


Kutch Wines

Joyce Vineyards

Toby Lane Vineyards

Ryan Cochrane Wines

Mt. Beautiful Wines

Pat Paulsen Vineyards

Esterlina Vineyards and Winery

Hanna Winery

Mercy Vineyards

K&L Wine Merchants


Peju Wines

Les Velours Wines



Pushback Wines

Kokomo Wines

La  Cocina’s  Sal De Vida Gourmet

Sally Spicer SF 

La Cocina Saint and Olive 

Bodkin Wines 

Moreno Wine 

Spicy Vines 

Rockwall Wine Company 

Hanna Winery and Vineyards 

Socola Chocolatier 

Smitten Truffles 

Cocotutti Chocolates 

Toffee Talk  

Feve Chocolates 

Everett Ridge




 Meet the Team of Winestock SF

The Winestock Team (L-R) Pablo Antinao-Alvarez, Paulina Lopez and Collette Simko-Knauss

Paulina Lopez
Producer and Full Time Wine Explorer 

A natural born bon vivant, she has been in love with the big bold world of vino since the age of 18.  A visionaire with strong  entrepreneurial spirit, she aim  to bring together enthusiasts, connoisseurs,  young urbanites alike  through the art  of mastering wine. In July 2012, Paulina founded VinoVenture SF, an exploration group whose aim is to discover and appreciate all grape varietals from small producers crafted by both provocative and traditional winemakers and wineries in California and beyond. Currently, she is training to become a certified sommelier through the Court of Master Sommelier, as well as embarking on a new venture of launching her own wine bar.

Pablo Antinao-Alvarez
The Rock Star Wine Educator

Pablo graduated with honors and social work and shortly thereafter, discovered his true passion for wine and food. He began his career in the restaurant business, working in Hotel Del Lago, a Five-Star hotel/restaurant in Chile. His interest in food, wine, and the connection food and wine have to the land was inspired by living on a biodynamic farm in the Southern part of the country.

In 2006 Pablo anticipated in a long distance program in wine making, from UC Davis. This led him to become a Certified Wine Professional at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California. He deepened his wine, and culinary knowledge with more travels to France and Spain. In 2008, Pablo obtained his certification as a Sommelier from the Spanish Academy of Sommeliers, in Barcelona, Spain. Pablo is the director and creator of Rustica Wine School.

Collete Simko-Knauss
The Bubbly Event Coordinator

Founder of Events By Collette. Her background in International business and languages in countries where wine is a way of life, she was able to support Winestock SF with her impeccable planning skills. Her knowledge in food and wine industry is a valuable addition to the team.

With high energy and love of socializing, she always found herself volunteering and hosting events and parties. She is well-respected and beloved in her community. She gets her inspiration and support from her wonderful family.

For further inquiries please contact:
Paulina Lopez of VinoVentureSF
415.646.5046 or email 

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