GEV Magazine’s Legendary Issue

On The Cover:
The much anticipated Legendary Issue celebrates the contributions of Peter Mondavi Sr. (98), Cecilia Chiang (93), Margrit Mondavi (83), and Miljenko “Mike” Grgich (90). The memorable photo shoot was done recently at the magnificent Vintner’s Hall of Fame of the Culinary Institute of America in Greystone Napa Valley, known to celebrate the men and women whose collective vision, determination, and hard work have been responsible for the growth and worldwide prestige of the California wine and culinary industries.

Eight has always been an auspicious number for me. In mathematics, the symbol of infinity is represented by 8 while for the Egyptians this number means balance of the cosmic order. However I believe on the occasion of our current issue, the way the Pythagoreans associate this numeral to love and friendship as well as prudence and wisdom definitely comes closest to our overall sentiment. I’m really not superstitious, but when you think about the odds of gathering together legends of this caliber and for the universe to open up this opportunity to us so easily as if it was being handed to us on a silver platter; you may have to think twice. After all, these personalities were once upon a time just figures in my head. I’ve seen, followed and admired their work growing up but always thought they would remain intangible, remote and impossible to encounter.

But the Gods must think we’re doing something right. And this issue is once again a testament of everyone’s hard work and undying passion for relevant, creative and pure journalism. To sum it all up in words is impossible, the miracle and gift of spending a day with Peter Mondavi Sr., Margrit Mondavi, Cecilia Chiang and Mike “Miljenko” Grgich is more than enough compensation for the costly labor we put into what GEV has become over the past year.

Our goal for this keepsake issue is the simple hope that their life stories would be passed down to future generations to show them how a few dollars, a good heart and a dream coupled with faith, perseverance and hard work would someday result in a beautiful and rewarding creation, enriching the lives of all those to come.

We raise our glasses and toast to the legends this Summer!

At your service,

Kaye Cloutman