Alexander Wang – One Time Only Secret Event

By Maria Serquen

A story like this is better told from a first person point of view and that is what I am going to share with everyone. The details about Alexander Wang’s Secret Event released to every major print and online publication was a cryptic online message that read:

Avid Alexander Wang followers got updates through twitter and by email. No hint was given except that “the first 20 people at the door will receive a very useful prize.” Was it a handbag, a $5000 gift card, or a male model escort? Everyone had their own creative and fun speculation over what it was; obviously beyond curious about the #WangSecret. A special shout out here goes to dedicated Alexander Wang enthusiast Michael Shane, who was the first in line for the event at 7:00AM. When 1:00PM hit, which was an hour before the start of the event, the line was already circling the block with hundreds of fans lined up and only around 100 were allowed in!

Dedicated Alexander Wang fans wait patiently for hours but had fun updating social media, taking photos, and making new friends!

It was “fundemonium” from then on once all attendees got in and found out that there was a room filled with clothes from T by Alexander Wang and they were all free. All you could hear was screams of excitement and fans running to grab as many pieces as possible! Survival of the fittest was the most accurate definition to describe the atmosphere. It was at the end, when everyone was taking a break or trading between one another, that the reality of their luck and fortune dawned upon them. What some thought would be a fashion show, concert or a special sample sale ended up being so much better! Attendees Bendan Montima and Lafayette Kanard share their thoughts about the event.


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“If I were to compare the event, I’d equate it to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory scene, where Charlie was able to get whatever he wanted in the factory during his tour. Thank you Mr. Wang, you will forever have a loyal customer base!” – Bendan Montima

“Giving back is key, I’m glad Alexander Wang believes in that. It changes lives and this experience has definitely changed mine. Thank you Alexander Wang!” –Lafayette Kanard

Definitely a lot of great memories were made from this one of a kind event and long lasting friendships. This stunt has made a statement and will have the fashion community abuzz for a while. Thank you Alexander Wang for all of your generosity and for making this an event that no one will forget!