Rare Volcanic Winemaker Dinner at A16 Restaurant

Images by Brian Wong Photography

We were honored to be invited to a rare winemaker dinner this Monday at A16 Restaurant where owner Shelley Lindgren welcomed three wonderful organic winemakers from the heart of volcanic Campania and Basilicata region in Southern Italy including:

  • Antonio Ambrosio of Villa Dora Winery (Vesuvius)
  • Cecilia Piccin of Grifalco Winery (Vulture)
  • Vincenzo di Meo of La Sibilla Winery (Campi Flegrie)

In addition to pouring about a dozen wines from Falaghina, Coda di Volpe, Piedirosso and Aglianico, Chef Chris Thompson created a special a la carte menu in addition to the regular menu, and the winemakers will be on hand to share their sense of place, style of winemaking and great wines.

Cecilia adds “We’re really grateful for Oliver McCrum who is carrying my wine in California and most especially Shelley Lindgren. We all are here because of her; she is a fantastic treasure hunter. She took a risk in introducing wine and food from Southern Italy which were not known to the US before. The wine and food pairings that A16 has done from the beginning of its history is stunning. The quality, the research of the perfect food pairing, is a new point of view. The richness and the quality of the wine from Southern Italy is definitely celebrated here and our wine dinner was just fantastic. Meeting people, talking about our world of wine, trying to explain how wine is an emotion and also is an element. Just a part of food that we put on the table everyday! We had a lot of fun, and our Volcanic wine did a very good job!”.

The expressive volcanic terroir found in these wines are a complementary match with Chef Thompson’s menu and their wines consistently push the envelope for great quality and timeless beauty.

Check out photos from the dinner below

Shelley Lindgren Owner and Wine Director of A16

Cecilia Piccin of Grifalco Winery (Vulture)