A16 Rockridge Announces New Brunch Menu Beginning Sunday, September 8

Bruschetta with a slow cooked egg, roasted asparagus and bottarga

A16 Rockridge announces a new brunch menu beginning on September 8, 2013, available every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Inspired by his family roots in the Puglia region of Italy, Chef Rocky Maselli has created a Sunday brunch menu that brings authentic Southern Italian fare with coastal influences to the Rockridge neighborhood.

Special to the brunch menu is a rare treat in the Bay Area, Sfogliatelle, a shell-shaped pastry from Naples named after its thin, leaf-like layers, and made in-house at A16 Rockridge.  Other Italian-inspired brunch offerings include Zeppole, a fried, donut-like pastry served with strawberry jam and sweet zuppa inglese; and an Heirloom Melon Salad with thyme, purslane, shallot and shaved ricotta salata. Savory uova options highlight local produce in dishes such as a Frittata of the Day topped with arugula and shaved fennel; Fried Ceci and Potatoes with senise pepper vinaigrette, fried senise peppers, and a slow cooked egg; and Bruschetta topped with roasted peppers, slow cooked egg, and cortez bottarga.

Wood-fired pizza, a favorite at A16 Rockridge, also takes center stage on the new brunch menu with staples like the Montanara Rockridge, a lightly fried dough topped with smoky tomato sauce, burrata and fresh basil; and the Rachetta, a racquet-shaped pie with ricotta, pecorino, mushrooms, fior di latte, prosciutto cotto, basil and tomato sauce. Pizzas are offered with optional add-ons including prosciutto and arugula with egg.

Additional brunch selections include a paired down menu of Pasta and Contorno dishes including Pansotti filled with ricotta and roasted eggplant, and topped with tomato and mint; and the Little Gem Salad with lemon, anchovy and radish. Fresh crudo remains on the menu at brunch served with seasonal accoutrements such as the Drake Bay Oysters and citrus; and San Francisco Anchovies with almonds and herbs.

For an extra kick in the morning, guests can sip traditional Italian beverages of espresso and cappuccino, or enjoy libations from the bar. Brunch cocktails at A16 Rockridge make use of the fresh produce from the kitchen with morning cocktails such as an Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary, as well as the Italian-inspired selection of amaros, digestivos and apertivos. The bar at A16 Rockridge will remain open between brunch and dinner service with a bar-bites menu from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. each Sunday.

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