GEV Magazine 9.0’s Big Fall Fashion and Food Issues

The long wait is over! Our Fall issue is packed with so much goodness it was impossible to put everything in just one volume. Presenting the gorgeous Fall cover girls Karen Caldwell and Kathy Fang. Servers have loaded the files and it should be up and live today for your viewing pleasure.


Cover Editorial Team

Producer Kaye Cloutman
Associate Producer Donté R. Young
Karen Caldwell Cover Photographed by Carl Simpson
Kathy Fang Cover Photographed by Vincent Gotti
Lighting Specialist Ken Westermann
Creative Director Nicanor Gutierrez
Social Media Peter Stetson
MUA Ozzie Mendoza | Janet Mariscal | Carrie Aldous
HAIR Sarah Banuelos
Wardrobe Karen Caldwell Designs
Makeup Benefit Cosmetics
Location Ehlers Estate & Ehlers Estate

Over the last few days of summer, I had sort of an awakening which really put everything in perspective when it came to defining California style. A four-day event at Jessup Cellars about defining wine country fashion with yours truly as one of the panelists really opened my eyes about the mission of GEV and why GEV is in fact in existence. From the fabulous sessions of wine fashionista Mary Orlin who has elevated my olfactory senses to a whole new level of wine and perfume pairing experience, to the intoxicatingly delightful and thought-provoking installations of artist Cynthia Carey; wine is indeed fashionable, but that event just really scratched the surface.

Ever since the magazine started two years ago, my elevator pitch has been that “Milan, London, Paris and New York have been the style capitals since time immemorial so in order to compete we will have to do so in a new way, on our terms, and on our territory. We do this by putting a magnifying glass over our own location; what we really have going on for California is our food and wine scene, so to present talented local fashion models, artists and designers on the same platform with our world-class food and wine artisans not only elevates these local gems but simultaneously distinguishes California style from the rest of the world while bringing California attention it deserves as a great destination for fashion”.

Fortunately the stars aligned for us as we recently had the exclusive opportunity to bring together forces from the food, fashion, wine and design world. Fashion icon and socialite Karen Caldwell, dashing winemaker Kevin Morrissey, enticing chef Kathy Fang and dazzling Napa Valley designer Erin Martin define in all its subtlety and nuance, the true meaning of the oft- used term “Wine Country”. Add to this mixture the first-ever fashion spread of stunning sisters Angelina, Alycia, Rianna and Giovanna from the venerated Mondavi clan, and  you’ll see wine country in a whole new and refreshing light.

Kaye Cloutman 

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