The Key To A Great Time Is The Power Of 3


By Tamara Gorman Strasser
Photography by Susan Richardson Lehner

With a sense of history and tradition, No. 3 London Dry Gin conspired to elevate with an informative and fun private lunch held on March 3rd at 12:33 in honor of the 3rd anniversary of the No. 3 American launch.  The equally fun atmosphere of The Cavalier, a London-inspired brasserie in San Francisco, quickly set the mood for all attendees.

While sipping on stylish 3-ingredient gin cocktails and enjoying 3 delicious courses of British style cuisine, our host, David King, the President and COO of Anchor Distilling Company and the Creator of No. 3, captivated us with his storytelling. The delightful Mr. King shared several interesting and funny anecdotes about the evolution of the No. 3 recipe and the quirky history of Berry Bros. & Rudd, quite possibly the world’s oldest wine and spirits merchant.  In fact, the name No.3 refers to No.3 St James’s Street, London, which has been the home of Berry Bros. & Rudd since 1698.

Together, Mr. King and Simon Berry, family member and Chairman of Berry Bros. & Rudd, sought a recipe for a classic and traditional London Dry Gin. In collaboration with a team of experts and influential people, they perfected a basic gin base of predominately juniper and refined it with the differentiating factors of grapefruit to provide a citrus zing at the nose and cardamom at the bottom for a spicy, aromatic bite. The outcome: a really classic London Dry Gin with front forward zing and yet a sense of depth.

No. 3 impresses easily in its devotion and commitment to producing authentic London Dry Gin. The meaningful use of symbols, such as placing a copy of a real key on every bottle, signifies the trust in their relationship with all those who savor No. 3. Now go out and buy a bottle of this mouth-watering history and tradition!