Urban Lace Eco Friendly Accessories


Forgotten refuse springs to life as gorgeous treasure at the hands of the talented artists behind Urban Lace Jewelry.

At Urban Lace Jewelry, they’re dedicated to creating couture jewelry from surprising resources for pieces that are on the cutting edge of fashion and the eco-conscious movement. Whether it’s their colorful suede alternatives or their intriguing use of repurposed bicycle inner tubing, it’s clear they’ve created a vibrant niche within the jewelry market that’s picking up speed.

Each year countless tires are thrown into landfills, waiting for a chance at a new beginning. Urban Lace has answered their call, utilizing the inner tube as a brand new medium for intricately hand-cut bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more that are truly eye-catching.’[ Every unique design starts as just an inner tube and a small pair of scissors, and ends in a finely detailed piece that is waterproof and durable while remaining chic and intriguing.

Inspired by the undulating waves of the open ocean and the vast beauty that lies beneath, the Siren Bracelet sends out its enticing call to all who long to wear the cool calm of the open sea. For those who delight in surprises and wonders, the Prism Bracelet is one they’ll adore thanks to its wondrous pattern that’s reminiscent of the refracted lights found within a Kaleidoscope. Each of these bracelets is crafted from inner tube which is then coated in their proprietary organic pant-based formula to give it that beautiful luster while retaining its soft texture and appearance.

For those who long to accessorize with a pop of glorious color, Urban Lace has searched high and low for a material that can deliver while meeting their standards of sustainability. Their solution was the discovery of Ultrasuede, an innovative fabric made from 100% recycled ultra-micro fiber. Their Reflection Bracelet features an elegant design that is imbued with the fabric’s sensual feel and is available in a multitude of dazzling hues.

After working on an art installation piece utilizing delicately filigreed inner tube, fiber artist Barbi Touron realized the beauty and allure of such a unique material could be transformed into wearable works of art with a conscious. In 2011, Touron partnered with Aaron Shear and Urban Lace was officially born. At Urban Lace, their desire is to make it possible for anyone to indulge in glamorous accessories while working towards a more sustainable world.

For additional information, please visit www.urbanlacejewelry.com