GEV Magazine’s Spring Issue 10.0

Kaye Cloutmana joyous comeback…

The past season provided us an opportunity to look back and reassess our goals as well as give us the break we needed to really focus on what’s truly essential – in both our personal and professional lives. After almost three years building a magazine and a website that now commands such amazing global attention I found myself needing to hit the RESET button. There were many challenges and obstacles to overcome, and I can’t begin to say how proud I am of the entire GEV organization for everyone’s relentless pursuit of this endeavor, truly a labor of love for us all. The winter season brought serious health issues and a major heart surgery that left me really questioning my current situation; however it was also an opportunity to re-evaluate what is important, reorganize and re-prioritize my life. Many key people on the GEV team so integral to our success have also willingly endured the demands of the beast we created and sometimes their efforts came at a cost I’d rather no one have to bear.

All of this was not in vain. Someone once said that “an arrow can only be shot by first pulling it backward – so when life drags you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great”.  This brutal winter of our discontent was exactly what we needed to move forward; luckily, and by the grace of God, it didn’t kill us, it made us stronger. The making of GEV Magazine challenged us all, both personally and professionally and we found comfort and meaning in the opportunity we were given to deliver the best of what food, wine, fashion, travel and technological innovation have to offer. Many of you seem to have this notion that we operate out of a big-city office but that’s really not the case and the fact is we are but a humble organization working solely for the love of what we do. We would like to do so much more – for you, and with your help.

This, our first issue of the new year is evidence of a rejuvenation, a sort of rebirth of GEV. It’s a testimony to how far we’ve come since our maiden issue as we pay homage to the very first local designer we ever featured. Angelina Haole has become a fashion icon in the Bay Area and to say we’re honored to work with her again is an understatement. Call it a homecoming. We complement our new feature of Angelina by once again presenting to you some great rising stars in fashion and food from around the world.

Spring forward everyone!

Kaye Cloutman
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 Images by Vincent Gotti of The Candy Factory Studio