Our Top Picks from The CCA 2014 Annual Fashion Show

By Tanya Matveeva

Photos by Leonid Malashenok

There is nothing better than having an opportunity to witness something grand; and what could be more splendidly grand than the discovery of new talent! On May 16th I visited the CCA 2014 Annual Fashion Show and was astonished by the outfits presented by the graduating students.

2014 CCA Annual Fashion Shiow
2014 CCA Annual Fashion Shiow

On the podium were offered completely exceptional and diverse collections: flowing images of Jasmine Smith, a combination of complex shapes, lines and textures by Shan Zhang; transparent, light and fragile MK Nguyen, and the super jacket with a pocket in front by Shirley Chong, which was brilliant. It’s probably the best way to carry your chips! Every designer presented their collection in such a unique way that was pleasant to observe, and many of these garments I would wear myself.

I would also like to give a shout out to the children’s collection by Sindia Lin, who just stole my heart! In my opinion it is incredibly difficult to create a children’s outfit so it could be very trendy and not overdone at the same time. Her collection is compound, stylish, but at the same time fun and childlike. It was a great idea to get the creatures that were depicted on sweaters real. She’s my absolute favorite.

2014 CCA Annual Fashion Shiow

Although the winner of the show, Erick Lopez, proposed the men’s collection, it could find common ground with my girl’s soul. To tell you a secret, I have a lot of men’s shirts and tees in my wardrobe. I would be pleased to have a couple more from Erick Lopez.

For me it is very important that the designer is able to understand and feel not only the clothes, but also the structure of the human body. It’s precisely this understanding which makes even very complex outfits absolutely wearable. I was impressed by how these young designers used this knowledge so well! Bravo and I wish all these talented designers to be discovered with their creations displayed in the best shop’s windows soon!