Saison Unveils New Test Kitchen Format and New Wine Dinner Series

Mark Bright and Joshua Skenes | Photo credit Tubay Yabut

Mark Bright and Joshua Skenes | Photo credit Tubay Yabut

Chef Joshua Skenes and Partner/Wine Director Mark Bright are announcing the latest special events they are each spearheading at Saison. Bright is starting a series of wine dinners that will highlight the special relationships he has established in the wine industry through the years, while Skenes is offering a new way for guests to experience, taste and test new dishes with him before they are put on Saison’s menu.

Bright will kick off the first of his wine dinner series at Saison with Rajat Parr, renowned wine educator/winemaker and wine director for the Mina Group. This first-ever collaboration will be held on Tuesday, July 15th and will be from 5:30pm-9:30pm. Bright is excited to give Saison diners the opportunity to interact and learn from Parr’s extensive wine knowledge and experience. The night’s menu will be tailored to select vintages from Parr’s Sandhi and Domaine de la Côte wineries, including Sandhi Sparkling Rose 2012, Troken Riesling 2013, vertical tastings of Sandhi Sanford & Benedict Chardonnay from the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 vintages, Seven Springs “La Source” Pinot Noir 2012, Sandhi Tempest Pinot Noir from 2009 and 2010 and also Parr Wines “Purisima Mountain” Syrah 2006. Dinner with wines is priced at $495.

Bright envisions these special wine events to happen roughly every two months, as a way to work with special winemakers and friends who excel in the field. Adds Bright, “I had worked for Rajat for four years and he has been my mentor in so many ways. I believe that his wines are some of the purest examples of their types, just like Josh’s food. I believe they complement each other in so many levels.”

In addition, Skenes is excited to initiate The Saison Test Kitchen gatherings beginning August 2nd. These dinners will be held inside the Saison think-tank/test kitchen each Saturday night at 8:00pm. There will be one seating and for up to 8 people only. Guests are requested to check in upon arrival at the restaurant and they will then be escorted by the host to the undisclosed kitchen location. Skenes envisions the Saison Test Kitchen dinners as a platform for the sharing of new ideas, experimentation and discussion, and the opportunity to sit down with a glass of wine and converse with guests after dinner. Skenes will be doing all the cooking and Bright will be selecting and pouring the wines. Dinners are priced at $498 and include all food and beverage pairings. Reservations are accepted 2 months in advance and can be made by calling the restaurant’s main line at (415) 828.7990.

Saison is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 5:30pm – 9:30pm. Reservations can be made online through or by calling (415) 828.7990 during its regular office hours from 10:00am – 5:00pm. For additional information regarding Saison, visit