KESS Inhouse is bringing art into the everyday home through partnerships with local artists and a penchant for amazing style!

KESS Inhouse is known for their awesome products that feature real art on everyday items such as home décor and pet products. Their connection to the artist community is unique and sets them apart in the home décor industry. Each product that is sold gives a royalty back to the artist that worked on the design, making them a company that is giving back and providing a line of products that are always evolving to their customer’s desires. They now have a new lineup of products that are sure to excite every home dweller to turn their living space into an artistic sanctuary.

Always on the cutting edge of something new, KESS Inhouse has now introduced their Monogram Cutting Boards! These Cutting Boards are truly unique and would make a perfect addition to your home, or a perfect gift!  Made from sturdy tempered glass, this dishwasher safe cutting board features a monogrammed letter right in the middle.  A perfect wedding gift, or gift for a loved one this holiday season! Available in solid colors or a trendy chevron pattern, the Monogram Cutting Board is a cut above anything you have ever seen before!

Just when you thought you had seen it all, along comes a product that is so unique and cute to boot!  These BRAND NEW Animal Busts are a must see and sure to liven up any living room.  In partnership with the brand Cardboard Safari, this exclusive line of KESS Inhouse Animal Busts are a perfect blend of unique and kitsch fashion for your home. Offering an eco friendly pop-out bust made from laser cut recycled cardboard, these Animal Busts provide a burst of color with an impressive range of artistic patterns and designs.

Also new to KESS Inhouse are their Desk Mats. These mats are made from a soft neoprene material, creating a skid free desk area that is comfortable to work on, easy to clean, and complete with fashion. Have your favorite artwork right where you work with these KESS Inhouse Desk Mats! KESS Inhouse desk mats are the perfect size for a desktop and are machine washable. Available in the many artistic stylings that you have come to know and love from KESS Inhouse, there is a Desk Mat for absolutely every office décor.

No house would be complete without some great Throw Pillows!  KESS Inhouse allows you to create a comfortable environment, while transforming your home into a trendy art gallery with their fabulous throw pillows.  This is the perfect accessory for sprucing up your couch and allowing your personal style to shine through.  Pair your favorite pieces of art together and become your own curator of coziness and style!

With a long history of design and business between them, founders and siblings Sara O’Neill and Erik Gupta launched KESS Inhouse in 2013 to bring original art to every aspect of the home.  Starting with 25 artists and growing steadily, KESS Inhouse now features over 125 artists from around the world featuring their original work on everything from cutting boards to dog beds, making stunning and unique works of art available to everyone at affordable prices.

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