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Photographer Vincent Gotti
Lighting director Scott Nobles
Makeup Josette Vigil-Jelveh
Hair Alisher Akhunzhanov
Jewelry Stylist Sandra Badani de Cartagena

Three years; it may seem like a long time for some but I feel that it happened in a blink of an eye. When GEV started, it was mostly out of a state of desperation – a desire to prove something. The main objective was genuine but the foundation was shallow – a little rough around the edges, to tell you the truth, but time allowed us to improve and better ourselves and yet we’re still a work in progress. To be the platform I really envisioned the magazine to be is to be the voice of unsung heroes, gifted artists and small business owners who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to showcase their accomplishments. I found joy revealing those hidden gems by providing them a place of encouraging, nurturing recognition.

As we approach the holidays, we are able to reflect on and celebrate the little milestones we’ve achieved through the years – but we’re really just starting. Moving forward we aim to work with people who both inspire us and the loyal readers we’ve gained along the way. I must add that I’m slowly beginning to understand what our role should be in society. We’d like to be successful but in such a way that we maintain our integrity and values of our moral obligation. We’d be grateful to have an immense impact sans the frenzy. In a world filled with media-glorified personalities and celebrity adulation, my goal is to stay true to who we are and be consistent in celebrating the human spirit.  If you know anyone who is making a difference in your community and deserves to have their stories told, please nominate this individual and send us an email.

The one thing I am most thankful for this season is the family I’ve made with the people who’ve contributed to the magazine. It goes without saying that this passion project wouldn’t have survived this far without the dedication and countless hours to make GEV possible. Thank you for your continued faith in our journey. You make it happen.

Kaye Cloutman
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GEV Magazine Fashion Issue 13.0

GEV Fall Fashion Issue 13.0
Sue Wong

Behind the Sue Wong label, fashion designer Sue Wong shares what inspires her creativity, how her journey began as an artist and where she wants to sail into the sunset.

GEV Magazine Wine & Food Issue 13.0

GEV Fall Wine & Food Issue 13.0
Gerardo Sainato

Chef Gerardo Sainato brings an authentic Italian culinary background to the V. Sattui Winery’s deli offerings, which include perennial favorites such as the fresh House Made Mozzarella which is pulled several times daily, a Broccoli Almond Salad, Pesto Pasta and seasonally-inspired soups and salads.