GEV Magazine’s Summer Issue 16.0

Genevieve Dee, Events Editor GEV Magazine

Genevieve Dee, Events Editor GEV Magazine

By Genevieve Dee

It is not often that we meet women who are altogether beautiful, fascinating, compassionate, and courageous – women who embody the heart and soul that Gastronomique En Vogue represent. When we do, it is a moment we cherish and share with all. It is cause for celebration.

Clara Shayevich is simply stunning. Blessed with naturally radiant skin and magnificent bone structure, she is what comes to mind when one thinks of a classical European beauty. With barely any make-up on, she can instantly turn heads in a luncheon or dinner event. Not one to follow fashion, her style is an expression of her individuality, ever elegant and ever timeless.

Therapist by day and socialite by night, Clara captures the hearts of her friends and onlookers not only with her charm, grace, and unique sense of style, but with her dedication to the service of others as well.

Clara serves as a Nurse Practitioner for the Department of Health helping people with HIV infections and sexually transmitted diseases 5 times a week. A Doctor of Human Sexuality, she also has her own private practice helping patients with their gynecological needs once a week. And if that wasn’t enough, she is actively involved in HIV research and reaches out to help victims of domestic violence as well.  Her deep love and concern for her patients has her often preparing soup, or offering physical and emotional support when support is not present.  She attends to everyone’s needs often well into the hours past her work day. She goes above and beyond the call of duty.

On her days off, Clara cherishes time spent with her family cooking spectacular meals while listening to her favorite music from Chopin, Vivaldi, Michel Legrand and Rachmaninoff. Some days, she recharges by playing the piano or surrounding herself with nature.

On evenings, she trades her clinical gown for the most beautiful ball gowns and dresses and does what she does best – dazzle everyone she meets, easily, as she combines her passion for helping people and her love for style and elegance. Touted as one of San Francisco’s Best Dressed, she hobnobs with San Francisco’s socialites but never forgets to accomplish her mission of helping raise funds for people afflicted with HIV and cancer.

It is hard to imagine that not too long ago, Clara emigrated from Latvia without speaking a word of English. Her remarkable perseverance and passion towards living her dream has been her beacon of light and direction to this day. By being true to herself, she has touched and continues to touch the lives of many.

We especially recognize and celebrate this extraordinary woman on July 18, which 13 years ago was officially declared Clara Shayevich Day in San Francisco.

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GEV Magazine 16.0

By Gastronomique En Vogue Magazine

146 pages, published 7/10/2015

The virtuous socialite Clara Shayevich is the cover girl for Issue 16. This hardworking modern-day “Cinderella” puts on her medical gloves during the day tending to the most unglamorous hospital cases in the city and then dons a more delicate and dignified set of gloves at night to attend charities and galas helping promote and support the people who need it the most.