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By Kaye Cloutman

About a year and a half ago, I was invited by Jean-Charles Boisset to the unveiling of his newly restored Buena Vista winery in Sonoma. With a number of my peers, I was given an exclusive, first-look around Buena Vista’s Historic Wine Tools Museum. One of the highlights of our visit was the hypnotic 20-minute light, sound and visual show presenting the story of winemaking through its tools. Requiring a special permit from the French government (to bring the tools to America), the museum’s winemaking implements are awe-inspiring and beautiful. They are arranged in artistic patterns against the winery’s ancient stone walls, originally carved from the Mayacamas Mountains in 1864. In full theatrical wonderment, old became new and the legacy of California’s first premium winery was returned to its former glory. It was in the same museum, high atop the champagne cellars, that I also participated in a vertical tasting led by none other than Karen Macneil. Often hailed as America’s “Missionary of the Vine,” Karen is considered one of only a handful of experts with a global command of wine. It was a remarkable and enriching moment that I bottled up and took home with me.

There have been innumerable moments that took my breath away throughout my many years of writing about wine. Although I am no expert in the subject material, I know that meeting Jean-Charles Boisset and Karen Macneil is almost like an epiphany. They both have the ability to transform you and reveal a part of your psyche that fully understands the extraordinary joy of wine. So today – on our fifth vintage – we celebrate the rebirth of GEV. We toast to a transformed spirit and an encouraging outlook as we move forward. And we are thrilled to launch our latest endeavor: intimate and immersive pick-up parties with limited print editions for all forthcoming issues, starting with this one. Cheers!

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The Transformation of Karen MacNeil

The WIne Bible“The most informative and entertaining book I’ve ever seen on the subject.” – Danny Meyer
“Astounding.” – Thomas Keller
The most complete wine book ever.” – Robert Mondavi
“[In the Wine Bible] wine is alive–scientific and sensual at once. And drinking it becomes a simple, unpretentious, delightful practice.” – Sunset Magazine

About The Wine Bible

THE WINE BIBLE (Workman Publishing; October 2015) by Karen MacNeil has long been the most enlightening, comprehensive, and entertaining wine guide – and now it is completely revised and updated. Hailed as “America’s missionary of the vine” (TIME), MacNeil is considered the leading female expert on wines from around the globe and is the only American winner of every major wine award in the English language. While researching the second edition, she traveled the world and tasted over 10,000 wines, exploring emerging markets such as Japan and Slovenia, new trends, and fascinating cultural stories.

THE WINE BIBLE brims with MacNeil’s knowledge and passion for her subject while artful, evocative descriptions bring each wine to life. Côte-Rôtie has “almost savage peppery, gamey flavors,” Rieslings from Germany’s Mosel region are “shimmeringly tart” and Chardonnay, with its appealing flavors that include vanilla, butter and green apple and its creamy, full-bodied texture, is “the Marilyn Monroe of white grapes.” Transporting you from the cool, forbidding landscape of China’s Sichuan Province to the warm shores of the Mediterranean, MacNeil delves into the history, food, wineries, and flavors of each region.
THE WINE BIBLE offers the ultimate education in wine from one of the most renowned connoisseurs of our time. Complete with all-new photographs, maps, and illustrations throughout, it will inspire and educate every reader, be they new to wine or a longtime enthusiast.

About Karen MacNeil

One of the foremost wine experts in the United States, Karen MacNeil is the only American to have won every major wine award given in the English Language,  including the James Beard award for Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year  and the International Wine and Spirits award as the Global Wine Communicator of the Year.  In a full-page profile on her, TIME magazine called Karen, “America’s Missionary of the Vine.”

Karen is the author of the award-winning book, the WINE BIBLE, the single best selling wine book in the United States,  and the new WINE BIBLE (to be published Fall 2015). Her articles have been published in more than 50 newspapers and magazines including The New York Times and Worth. The former wine correspondent for the Today Show, Karen was the host of the PBS series Wine, Food and Friends with Karen MacNeil, for which she won an Emmy.

Karen’s firm, Karen MacNeil & Company, creates customized luxury wine experiences  around the world, with Karen as the group’s host and private tutor. The experiences are geared to both individuals and companies. Among Karen’s corporate clients are Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Disney, General Electric, UBS, and Singapore Airlines, as well as numerous biotech and law firms.